Re: [scc-dev] additional error handling in cc1/error.c

From: Tim Kelly <>
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2023 14:28:46 -0400

Roberto E. Vargas Caballero wrote:
>Sorry if the attribution of the patches were lost in some
> moment, but we usually don't care so much about these kind of things.
> I can understand that they are important for you, but you should
> also try to understand that other people have relaxed point of
> views and can make mistakes about it.

In a volunteer effort, this is stunningly disrespectful. Taking credit
for anyone's work is plagiarism and violates all kinds of standards of

> Also, you have to understand that a project maintainer can take
> the decisions about what changes to be merged, and what changes not
> to be merged.

Sure, but don't then expect people to submit patches from trees where
they have to take out their own work in order to merge.

>> 4) patches get modified without attribution or opportunity to revise,
>> leaving my work incompatible, and either I have to back out my own work or
>> get further out of sync
> As I said I just tried to avoid unneeded round trips

This is disrespectful to the submitting author. It tells them their
work is substandard without giving them a chance to modify to be
mainstreamed. And then to tweak the code and take credit it for it is

You have done this multiple times with me, and I can't make heads or
tails of the contributions by all the people listed in the license, but
I assume this "relaxed" approach is standard with this project.

>> Basically, I'm upstreaming my patches as a courtesy.
> Thank you for that. I am just trying to follow the etiquette that would
> avoid new mistakes in the future.

The only mistake that I could make is thinking things will be different
next time.


"But no wrong ever righted or proved by the innocent dying"
		-- Richie Kotzen
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