Re: [scc-dev] additional error handling in cc1/error.c

From: Tim Kelly <>
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2023 12:16:04 -0400

Tim Kelly wrote:
> No, and no.

Let me elaborate:

1) first commit attributed to me was not written by me and broke a lot
of stuff and had to be reverted

2) identification and isolation of bugs go unattributed

3) patches get rejected, leaving my tree out of sync and require hand
modifying (to paraphrase one rejection: "programmers don't need feedback
about errors, let them read the man pages")

4) patches get modified without attribution or opportunity to revise,

leaving my work incompatible, and either I have to back out my own work
or get further out of sync

5) I don't even have git on my main development environment (32-bit
Minix 3.1.6) and will absolutely not port a GPL tool to it (use Fossil ffs)

6) I have directly documented the above offline several times

7) stunning hypocrisy to suggest I need to follow better commit and
patch protocols

8) stunning hypocrisy to complain about having to hand-modify patches

Basically, I'm upstreaming my patches as a courtesy.


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